Why I don’t write “suggested” blog posts

In the last couple of weeks I’ve received a few emails asking me to write about various subjects on here so I just wanted to set the record straight.

I don’t do that.

My blog, my rules, I’m afraid.

For starters, it’s quite a specific blog. It’s not about kung fu or the art of topiary – it’s about women who get a hard time when breastfeeding doesn’t work out for them.

It’s their stories, told in their words, plus the occasional topical interlude from me. I launched the blog to accompany my book, because I just keep on hearing from women who struggled and were bullied, and I wanted to give them a voice too.

That’s it.

If you’re after something else, you’re in the wrong place, and if you want me to write about something else…. I won’t.

Sometimes I admit it’s not easy to stick to this particular resolution. Especially when people ask nicely.

The charity stuff is kind of hard to turn down. When someone asked me recently to write about meningitis, I wobbled. Terrible illness, serious subject. Surely the very least I can do is scribble a few words about it?

But ultimately it has absolutely nothing to do with what happens in this particular nook of the net.

So I politely declined.

I am less polite when invited to write something in exchange for a “free” iPad or whatnot. Even if it’s part of a competition. Actually if anything that is even worse – encouraging people to compete for the “best” (which I assume means most favourable) review seems pretty low to me.

At work, that sort of thing is a sackable offence so perhaps I’m pre-conditioned to run a mile from anyone who wants to put words in my mouth. If you think that sounds horribly pompous, imagine how annoyed I get with myself that I do all this and still have to buy all my own sodding gadgets.

But fork out I do because I continue to genuinely, irritatingly, believe my integrity is worth more. Dammit.

I can’t speak for all bloggers, of course. This blog is a personal project and not my source of income, so I can afford to decline anything sponsored, whether openly so or otherwise.

I’m quite clearly crap at capitalism – but perhaps I’m in the right job.