The fame game (and why I’m very bad at it)

I spent some time this week talking to another journalist about the whole breastfeeding debacle.

You may well see the results of that chat sooner rather than later. It was a bloody weird experience, sitting in a little booth and going on about my boobs while everybody around me went about their usual business. I also had a temperature of about 105 degrees at the time (yup, I’ve got THAT winter flu) so I can only hope that I made at least some sense.

If the interview was weird then having my photo taken afterwards was like taking a walk on another planet. I now know why a) being in a photoshoot is a full time job  (this small-scale thing took 3 hours) and b) that the word “model” is never ever likely to feature on my CV (to be honest, it’s never exactly been a burning ambition).

That showbiz tip about putting one leg right in front of the other and pointing your feet to make you look slimmer? It is THE most unnatural standing position in the world, especially in heels, for longer than a nanosecond. Impossible. How do they do it?! I’d have been fired a million times over by now if that was part of my job description.

Suffice it to say I might need lots and wine and sympathy when this article appears.

But the serious thing about it is that raises the issue that it is NOT okay to treat women like shit over breastfeeding. And if I have to look like an old, fat Kate Middleton-in-drag to make that point then so be it.

In the meantime, it’s still Boxing Day. Anyone for gin?


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